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Acrylic Sign Fabrication

Whatever your design requirement our acrylic sign fabrication process offers great flexibility. Our fabrication team of experts create a wide variety of products, developed from acrylic tubing, sheets and rod. The thermoplastic properties in acrylic material allow it to be fabricated into a wide variety of forms. Acrylic becomes extremely pliable when heated. This allows your product to be developed into practically any shape, which becomes extremely strong and durable when cooled.

Our Acrylic fabrication processes involves the curing of plastics through a process of applying heat, creating a chemical reaction or irradiating the material. The acrylic is shaped using a variety of methods including, bending, cutting, machining and polishing. It can be matt or highly polished.
















Acrylic sheet comes in a wide variety of colours and can also be sprayed. Bespoke logo’s and designs can be added via screen printing or the addition of vinyl. Our expert team of fabricators will build your model for approval before proceeding to final production. This allows you to see your product take shape before we complete the design process and final product run.

Whilst we are more than happy to offer a conventional service, we also provide far far more, with items such as; cosmetic displays, insulation boxes, leaflet dispensers, poster cases, sweet displays and product mock ups all being part of our normal production schedule.

For a bespoke and professional plastic fabrication services talk to Mercury Phillips. Call us with your concepts and we will help you turn your product into a reality.









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