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Let canvas printing bring your business to life

Using canvas prints to promote your business

The popularity of canvas printing has exploded over the last decade, mainly due to the fall in price of digital photography equipment. Now with a relatively inexpensive piece of kit anyone can start creating their own personalised graphic design and works of art, from wedding pictures to photos of Fido. It is, however, often overlooked just how beneficial canvas printing can be to a business.

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Any form of artwork in the workplace is better than no art at all, and canvas printing offers an affordable solution for any business regardless of its size. Enriching ones work environment will not only improve your workforce’s mood, it can also increase their productivity too. Happy workers are productive workers, and an ICM and Art & Business survey stands testament to this. The survey states that 73% of employees would like to have more art in their place of work as it is a major contributing factor in making them feel both inspired and motivated.

Display your products and services

promotional canvas prints image As well as using art in the workplace as a motivational tool, you should also consider creating some canvas prints to display your products or services too. A well thought through display can entice a customer to consider a product or service that might not have otherwise been on their radar, especially effective in showrooms and exhibition spaces.

Here at Mercury Phillips Signs we can create canvas prints of any length with a height of up to four feet tall so the possibilities for promotional prints are endless.

High quality canvas printing

Our museum grade canvas also ensures that you will get the best possible finish to your print too, essential if you are recreating artwork for a public space where the piece is going to be closely scrutinised. This grade of canvas allows the colours to be reproduced in the most vibrant way possible, giving detail and depth to each print that is lost on lesser grades. The importance of this vibrancy comes to the fore when producing enticing images of food for the restaurant trade or images with intricate details such as flowers and extreme close-ups.

Logo on Canvas imageIt is this quality that makes canvas printing an ideal vehicle for both logos and advertising. The brilliance of the colours alongside the standout look of a boxed print will catch the eye far more than a traditional poster ever will. Storyboarding your marketing message can also grab the attention, particularly when used in areas such as a hallway or staircase. Spreading your advertisement across numerous prints will engage the audience and help your company to promote its brand subtly yet effectively.

Whether you are sprucing up your office space or launching a brand new product, canvas prints could be the answer. In many cases they can serve a dual purpose and do both at the same time, offering you unrivalled value for money. So, if you’re looking for a cost-effective knockout piece, you’ll find it on the canvas.

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